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It’s a good question.

Why do I photograph?

It’s joy.

Pure and simple.

Something catches my eye, and I want to capture it..

For its beauty; its surprising nature; the way the common becomes uncommon in the moment.   Something simple can catch my breath, and I don’t want to lose that moment.  So, I  ‘capture’ it..to be surprise and delighted again.  To be reminded of joy.

And, to engage.

Noticing is one thing.  Pulling out the camera to capture it then becomes a deeper journey of discovery.  Other things emerge.  Other experiences of beauty.

And, there’s a gentle shifting, back and forth – from experiencing beauty to finding a way to capture it on film (on pixel?), to capture the spirit of what caught my eye..

Sometimes I catch  it.  And, sometimes, it’s all about the  journey!