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So, I’m taking Kat Sloma’s wonderful photography course, Find Your Eye.  It’s an introductory course – it’s only two weeks long, and every minute of it’s been great!  What an exceptional teacher she is!  And, the community of women who are taking the course is amazing.

It’s been a pleasure.  A pleasure!

And, what’s a course without a little homework.  Yes, there was an assignment this weekend.  And, I’ve got to say, I’ve learned a lot..and not necessarily what I expected!

Let me start with a weather report.  Trust me.  It’s germane.

It’s been a cold and rainy weekend.  A ‘you-gotta-wear-gloves’ kind of weekend, the first one since summer turned to fall.  And, with a photo assignment on the books, I’ve learned, this kind of weekend is not my kind of photography weekend.  Not at all.

I haven’t been taking pictures for very long.  I mean, I’m still at the point and shoot phase, really.  I carry my little pocket digital camera with me, and my blackberry is almost always on hand.  (I’ve been amazed at how great the blackberry photos are!)  But, it’s not usually my practice to go out looking for photographs.  Photographs find me.

Seriously.  My way of photography is that I see something that grabs my eye, and I point and click.  And, I keep clicking.  Taking lots of shots sometimes – looking for the best way to capture the shot..to capture what caught my eye.  And, it’s not always obvious.   Sometimes it’s the first shot..or an early shot.  Often, it takes longer to find.  And, then, there’s the possibility of surprise – that when you get home and download, you’ll find something you didn’t expect!  I love that!

So, what is it that grabs my eye?  As I look at my photos, as I start to really look at them and see the record of what it is that has caught my eye, I discover that it’s the light..and it’s nature.  I love nature.  Skies.  Trees.  Flowers.  Leaves.  Branches.  Grasses.  Pathways.  Stone.  Forests.  Groves.  Gardens.  Parks.  Trails.  Water.  Waves.  Surf.  Sun and the Moon.  All of it.

But, while it’s the beauty of nature that I love, it’s the light that draws me in.  It’s the light that catches my eye.  It’s the light that brings the beauty of nature to life.

So, on this grey, cold, rainy..did I mention it was cold, weekend, I’m supposed to take some photographs…the kind of photographs I usually like to take.  Yes, nature photographs..photographs of light. Photographs that find me.  And, I’ve got to say, it’s not looking good.  It’s not looking like I’m going to get a single photograph this weekend.  Not one.

Plan B.   Bring nature indoors.

Yes, to combat the intensely grey, cold, wet weekend, I bought a bouquet of gorgeous pink roses.  And, photographed them..in the sink, in the cellophane, in the vase.  From behind and from above. By natural light.  With a flash and without.  I captured just about every pink petal that travelled all the way from Equador and made it to my kitchen.  And, it was spectacular!

Once I crossed that bridge, and overcame the bad weather, and the lack of inspiration, I found the photographs, this time.  They didn’t just find me.