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I started my walk with a drive.

My latest photography lesson involved a photography walk, without the camera.

So, I decided to take the dog, and head for a walk down at the beach.

The snow fencing has just been installed by the city which means dogs are allowed to run free on the beach from now ’til next spring.  Dog nirvana.  And, owner nirvana, too.  My very happy dog loves the run, and I love the walk along the water, taking in the lake and the sky,  and listening to the sound of the waves.

Win.  Win.

So, into the car, and off to the beach, on a late Sunday afternoon.

Started noticing all kinds of things.  The slant of the light.  Trees lit up with colour in the park.  And, everyone out doors making the most of the sparkling day.

A fellow in a short-sleeved red t-shirt washing, yes, washing his car on the street.

A woman in a wool cap driving her blue convertible with the top down.

Kids packed into the skateboard park.  Gliding up and down the curved ramps and sculpted jumps.

Cyclists, some in shorts and some in long pants, not sure what weather to dress for.

Construction pylons everywhere, as the city gets in a few last days of road improvements before the weather turns too cold.

And, then, the beach.

Out of the car, across the park, along the boardwalk and over to the beach.

The local eatery under some construction.  The black and white patio tables and chairs all lined up on the grass, away from the work being done.  The pattern of the same chairs and the same tables repeated over and over again.  The black and the white.  And, the green of the grass.  Very geometric.

Red wooden-slated snow fencing stretching along the edge of the beach..big long lengths of it, sometimes two and three lengths flowing in parallel, with a few gaps built in so we walkers, and our pups, can pass through to the beach.  Again, a repeating pattern, striking in its colour and against the backdrop of the soft sand.

Tire marks in the sand from the trucks that laid the fencing.

Stroller marks almost to the water’s edge – someone out with their little one, undaunted by the sand.

Sweet-hearts, too.

A couple in the their twenties sitting in the abandoned life guard chair, keeping each other warm against the wind off the lake.

And, two giants hearts drawn into the sand, with names next to them.  The long, wooden stick, their writing tool, laying nearby for some other sand poet to leave their message.

A father coaching his daughter in math.  She a reluctant student.  He a perplexed parent trying to show her the way.  “If you have five leaves on one side…”

A lone kite flyer, floating a giant, blue rectangle in the sky.

And, some wonderful graffiti spray painted on the back of one of the life guard chairs.

I didn’t bring my camera, but I did bring my blackberry.  Never leave home without it.  So, I only took a couple of shots…

The graffiti…

And, this one, on the way home, a view of the sun beginning to set over the city of Toronto.  It was a shot I just wouldn’t get again.  The sun right at the tip of the CN Tower.  Had to bend the rules and take that one! 🙂

And, that’s it.  Sunday at the beach, without my camera.

Thanks, Kat, for a great afternoon!