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A small, silver sports car rolled up to the stop light.  It was quite a snazzy car, driven by quite a snazzy silver-haired fellow, who was looking relaxed and at ease on this sunny October Saturday.  Me, I was sitting in my small, silver car.  Not quite as snazzy.  But, enjoying the gorgeous day, nonetheless, and watching the world go by as I waited for the light to change.  When the light turned green, and the silver sports car started to roll by, it was the license plate that caught my eye.

The dapper guy in the snazzy car was sending out some JOY.




The license plate read – JOY2U.

It was a JOY, drive-by.

Sent by a guy looking like he’d be too cool to be talking JOY.

I know.

And, I apologize.  I didn’t expect to see joy coming from a cool dude, driving a cool car.

My mistake.  My narrow thinking.

And, my lesson.

Not to be cliché, but apparently,  joy is everywhere.  Apparently, in unexpected places.

So, here’s some joy of another sort – a bit of autumn joy.  More predictable, perhaps.  But, a bit of joy, nonetheless.   JOY2U…