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“One of the important aspects of finding your eye is staying inspired, and one of the things which affects your inspiration is your shooting style.”  Kat Sloma.

Finding Your Eye, Journey of Inspiration

“All of the tiny choices you make in how you approach photography add up to your “shooting style,” says Kat.

Using a set of questions she has supplied to guide us, here’s what I’ve noticed about the choices I’m making, so far…

First of all, I travel light when it comes to photography.  I have my point-and-shoot camera.  And, my blackberry.   Small.  Compact.  Ready to go.  And, that’s all I shoot with.  For now.

When it comes to lighting, I love to shoot in the morning light, more than any other time of day. Perhaps it’s the fact that the morning light comes into my back garden.  Many times, before I leave for work, something grabs my eye and I’ve grabbed my point-and-shoot to capture it.  On weekends, I’ll often spend first thing in the morning, taking photographs out back in the garden.

But, hey, I’m inspired by the afternoon light and dusk, and grey days shouldn’t be ignored.

Most of my photographs are taken right around my home.  In my garden, front or back.  In my home. Sometimes, I take photos when I’m out on an errand, or walking the dog.  And, occasionally, I’ll take my camera to the office in case something outside my window catches my eye…and, sometimes it does.  I always take my camera on a trip.  Always.  But, most of the time, my photographs are taken right outside my door.

Close ups seem to be my thing.  I mean, I have taken lots of photographs at all distances, but I know I’ll always go close up.  Sometimes I start with a close up, and fan out.  Sometimes I start with a long shot and move in.  But, I’ll always have a close up.

SOOC.  My shooting style, right now, is focused much more on what I do in the field, and much less on what happens after the fact. I’m learning the post-photography process, but often it’s a photograph straight out of the camera that I love most.  (I expect that will change as I learn more about the post-photography process.)

The photograph I’ve chosen to reflect my shooting style, the photograph above – tells my story pretty well.  It’s a close-up, shot in the morning light, inside my home, and straight out of the camera.  That would describe my shooting style, at least, for now.