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There’s a window on the second floor of my house.  It’s in an awkward spot.   And, it has no view.

Well, it has a view – it’s of the side of my neighbour’s house, which is about four feet away from my house.  It’s a view of faded green siding, the eavestrough, and a bit of roof.

Not a lot to redeem it.

Except last Saturday.

Last Saturday, as I walked past the window, a little jewel caught my eye.  I’m not sure how – my head was tilted the right way or I was leaning in the right direction. Whatever it was, my eye caught a corner of the sky that took my breath away.

It was a deep blue sky, and the edge of a majestic tree, sprinkled with golden yellow leaves that looked like jewels in the sky.

A gift from the day.