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Found this…

Frosted beauty.

This sign of the shift.

From autumn to winter.

The calendar claims it’s autumn, but the days are so short, and the wind has taken all the colour off the trees.  Winter coats, hauled out from basements dark and dry, along with mittens red and striped and warm and made-by-hand – these are the necessary things, the new uniform of life as we prepare for the shift.  As we ready ourselves.   For we are entering the winter-time.

But, not yet.  Not quite.  It’s still just a hint.  A flirt.  A come hither look from winter.

For autumn lingers.  Faded leaves litter the streets.  The earth still warm enough to melt the morning’s frost; the sky not cold enough to let the season’s first perfect flakes of snow last for long.

But, soon, autumn will kiss winter on the cheek and say good bye.  Leaving us behind.  To dance with this new partner.

For now, it is the in-between time, when the two seasons walk down the street together, frost and leaf, hand in hand, leaving a trail of signs of the change that is to come.