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It’s so nice to write that date for the first time.

It’s like turning a page.  Starting a new chapter.

Let it begin.

And, I’d like to begin it with gratitude…

I have so much to be thankful for – for incredibly supportive and loving family and friends, for good health and beautiful surroundings, for remarkable abundance and freedoms.  (And, of course, for Jasper and Evey, the wonder-pets!)

I am also grateful for the wonderful community of photographers and writers I’ve met here on-line.  Thank YOU!

Here is my first photograph for the year.  It’s a photograph taken in Mexico in December.  I opened a cupboard door on my first morning in Mexico and found this window…

Nature’s stained glass window.

So much beauty.  Sometimes hidden away.   Sometimes in unexpected places.

Such a wonder to find.

Thank you for the chance to share these discoveries here, on-line, with you.

Happy New Year!

All the very best for 2012!