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This photograph was taken just a week ago, in Mexico, where it was about 30 degrees celsius. Here, back home, it’s heading down to -10 degrees celsius tonight.                  That’s bitter-cold territory.

Seems so unlikely.  A delicate rose on a cold January night.

But, it’s the New Year.  The ground can be tender, as new things take hold.

New hopes.  New dreams.

Quietly, hopefully, tried on for size.  Tentative steps taken.  Or, even bold ones.

It’s all sacred ground.

No more, perhaps, than any other time of year.  But, there’s a heightened sense of possibility, and with that comes, for me, at least, a sense of the vulnerability and bravery of new beginnings.

And, so, on this bitter cold night of the early New Year, this delicate rose with its pale pink petals seems just the right thing.  A reminder of gentleness and beauty and light.

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