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Found this…














As I was driving along an industrial road near the lake.

I’d been looking for a boat.

I had spotted what looked like a retired tug boat while I was on the highway during the week.  Looked like good photograph material to me.  So, on a cold – I mean really cold – Saturday afternoon, I went out to look for it.

Found this instead.

This old curmudgeon of a building, bathed in sun light.

All lines and rectangles.  Windows and brick.

The lovely, soft lines of the shadow tree.  And, the uneven line of snow at the foot of the photograph.

I loved all of this.

And, I imagined the stories this building could tell.  Of dreams of the future and glories sought.  Of hard times, and staying power, and standing tall.  And, perhaps, of surrender to change and the world moving on.

Sun-drenched memories of the past and appreciation of the present captured on a winter’s day.