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A bit of on-line inspiration, this.

I was reading a blog post not too long ago by my wonderful on-line friend Brenda whose beautiful photography and writing is, well, inspiring.

She was writing about an artist who had inspired her.  She’d noticed a particular kind of composition in a single photograph – horizontal bands of colour, light, and texture, transforming nature into the abstract.  It’s a striking image, and from that inspiration, Brenda created a stunning series.

It was my turn to be inspired.

I looked at my own photographs with Brenda’s work in mind and found a few bands of my own…

That’s the beauty of the on-line artists community – there’s tremendous generosity – making it possible to stretch and grow by learning from the work and reflections of other artists.

Here’s to inspiration..and to band-ing together.

Thank you, Brenda!





Who’s inspired you?  Who’s informing your growth as an artist?  Band together with another artist and see what you discover!