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I love this one the most…

Of all my work in January, this is the one that I connect to more than any other.

Kat Sloma’s Photo-heart Connection invites us to select the photo that speaks to us most for the month – no other criteria than that.  Just the one that speaks to our heart more than any other.

This is the one.

The crescent moon – symbol of new beginnings and a promise of the fullness of beauty to come.

The twilight sky – that blue is a favourite, and the expansiveness of sky feels eternal to me.

The delicate tree top – reaching for the moon, yet knowing that it’s grounded, rooted, connected to the earth.

I love the beauty and simplicity of it.

Just three elements..moon, tree and sky – a timeless trio.   A welcome sight, lifting me out of my day-to-day pre-occupations and into a wider, more gracious and grace-filled vision of life.

Reminding me that we are all connected, under the same moon.  No matter where we are.

That’s why this image pulled at me.  That’s why it is my photo-heart connection for this month.