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As part of Kat Sloma’s course, Journey of Recognition, she ask us to explore the rules we’re following, or not, in our photography.

What an interesting question!

I had to think about it.  What are the rules of photography that I’m aware of – technical or aesthetic…and which ones do I choose to follow or break?

Well, probably the first rule I ever learned, and years later, now break, is a carry-over from film days  – you know the one, ‘keep the sun at your back’.

With digital photography, I’ve learned I don’t have to do that.  By shooting into the sun, it creates some pretty amazing affects.



So much of my learning in photography is based in exploration.  I learn by experimenting – trying and failing, and then trying again.  Reading manuals and technical photography books is not my strength.  I’d much rather look at images every day, to be inspired and to learn what I like, and what’s possible.

It’s a great adventure for me, this learning process.  Kat Sloma and her Find Your Eye courses, my class-mates and other fellow photographers I’ve met along the way – they are all my teachers and guides – a gift as I learn…and a wonderful source of inspiration.

That’s what rules.