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My sweet friend waiting for my return.

There he was by the door looking into the night for a sign of my arrival home.

What a welcome sight.

I had to pause and savour this unexpected bit of joy.

And, then, I just had to pull out my camera!

Now, night-time photography is not something I know very much about.  But, I had to at least try to capture the sweetness of this scene.  No easy feat with a dog who will move at a moment’s notice, especially when he sees a friend – instantly becoming all wagging tail and boundless happiness!  So, I had to not only sneakily take this photo – along with a bunch of others, but I had to stay steady so as not to shake the camera and ruin the image.

Needless to say, I didn’t get a whole lot of photographs. He spotted me early on in this photographic adventure.

And, I’d have to say there were other, better shots – better of him. (This one makes him look downright grumpy that he’s had to wait!)  Unfortunately, though, those better shots – they weren’t ‘shake-free’.  But, this one turned out well enough…

Well enough to remember the moment – when a night light so beautifully lit up the devoted friendship of one very sweet pup…


I’m taking one of Kat Sloma’s ‘Find Your Eye’ courses.  Thanks, Kat, for your inspiration.