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I have a photograph of the word patience.  The word had been beautifully graffitied onto an alley-way wall.  It wasn’t necessarily easy to find.  Kind of tucked away, out of mainstream view.  A message, maybe, only for those who needed to see it, like me, today.

My iPhoto has stopped working.  I can no longer load images into it.  No fresh images.  At all.  I can access images taken in weeks and months gone by, but I can’t edit them.  Rats.  And, I have three series of photographs I want to load up and play around with..but not today..not now.

Truth is, I was hoping, with the passage of time, the iPhoto would fix itself.  I’ve waited almost a week now for the thing to fix itself.  No luck.  Hope is not a strategy.  I’ve been told that before.  Hope is a very good thing, but it won’t get certain things done, including getting my iPhoto fixed.

So, patience is the word, and requirement, of the day.  Alas, no wonderful photo of patience to go with it.  Instead these ones.  Doors closed.  Seemed appropriate as certainly the door to the ‘new’ is no longer open, at least for the time being.  It’s a good time to review those photographs left behind for a rainy day.

I hope you like these.  They’re from the ‘rainy day’ collection.  Unaltered.

Here’s to patience, to looking back..and to the door to the ‘new’..may it soon be open again!