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This image is a favourite of mine.  I can only try to explain why because I don’t really know for sure.

I think it’s the amazing texture and earthiness of the old brick wall.  That wall’s been there a while.  You can see its history, the repairs and re-builds.  I can picture the work that was involved to build it.  Hand-made bricks, laid by a team of workers.  All done under a hot sun.  This wall is of the earth.

And, I love the smooth silver pole – a bit of gleam against the earthen work.  The line of it cuts across the horizontal lines of brick, which appeals to my eye.

And, that other bit of shine – the horizontal piece of pipe, cut off, it seems, before it could be finished.  Did they run out of money?  Did they run out of supplies?  Did a dream get put on hold?

And, there’s the fabric awning, a little worse for wear, draped across the top of the image, with its soft, scalloped edge.  A contrast to the roughness of the brick and the silvery hardness of the pipes.

And, I love the warm tones – orangey-reds and browns.  (That’s a technical term – ‘orangey-red’!)  I find it grounding.

All of the elements seem raw, broken or unfinished, and yet, together, there is some kind of harmony.  I find beauty in it – in spite of the wear and tear, or maybe because of it.