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Found this on the road home.  It’s part of my ‘Drive By’ series – photographs taken from the car, while waiting for the light to change.

Today, I was on the way home from work, in the midst of traffic and pedestrians, impatience and fatigue.

Balance.  Found.

The balance of colours – the soft blues against the weathered wall.

The balance of lines – the strong horizontal lines across the top and bottom of the image, against the vertical line of the long, slender lantern.

The balance of shapes – the large rectangles of stone, the curves of the lantern, the small blue circles within the small blue box.

Balance – pausing to discover an image of beauty, in the midst of the busy city, in the midst of rush hour traffic, in transition between work and home.

It was just what I needed.

Balance – one of the gifts of this day.


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