It’s that perfect moment.

That moment in the day when the crowd is gone, the dishes are done, and it’s time to go.  Time to leave behind the busy day, and settle into the peace of the night.  It’s that moment just before you switch off the lights, when you look back and see a good day’s work done.

You remember the two new moms, maneuvering their strollers into the diner.  There for a cup of tea, and, a bowl full of shared stories of discovery and joy and late night feedings.

You remember the elderly woman, out for her daily walk, who on Tuesday’s stops in your shop, mostly to pause and sit for a moment, and share a smile with a familiar face.  No charge for the butter tart.

And, the teenage boy on his bike, picking up some chilli-to-go for his dad.  Dad-dinners only come every other week.

It was a tiring day.  Arriving early.  Leaving late.  Feet are sore.  And profits are slim.  But, it’s your place.  Your customers.  Your community.  And, it feels good to soak up the beauty of it at the end of the see the teapots lined up, and the cake stands ready for tomorrow’s deliveries.  And, to know that there was a bit of beauty today.  Given and received.

It’s closing time.


This is another in the series, ‘Drive By’ Photography, when I snap a photo while waiting for the light change.