Seven months ago today, I was here – in California, on the coast near Carmel.

It was picture perfect.  The view, the colours, the landscape.  The sun was out, and the ocean was always just over the hill.  It was a spectacularly, beautiful day!

I was driving a rented Mini convertible – candy apple red, of course – with the top down,  (again, of course!) along the coastal highway from San Francisco to Carmel.  I had stopped here at this nature reserve for a hike.  There were sea lions out on the ragged rocks, a pounding surf, views for miles, and an expansive blue sky.  What a day!

Remembering the day, and remembering the moment when I took this photograph brings me joy!  The sunshine, the blue sky, the beauty, the freedom.  Joy.  Pure Joy.

What better antidote to a rather less than remarkable day today.  Rainy.  Cold.  Grey.  Did I mention it was cold?  Still cold.  Even though it’s now April!

Well, even though I’m one who can usually find some bit of beauty in a grey day – actually, there can be lots of beauty in a grey day – it doesn’t seem to be happening today.  Today, I needed that little blast of sunshine and beauty from the image above.  I needed to be transported.  Isn’t it amazing how an image can take you right back to a place – to what you felt and saw and heard.  Senses reignited.  I love that.

Nothing like a little California dreaming on a rainy afternoon!