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You know those moments.

When the light is just so.

When it lands in just the right place.  At just the right time.

And, illuminates something, like it was lit from the inside out.

It was one of those moments.

On the way to dinner with my cherished and long-time friend, whom I’ve known since grade school.

On a busy street – pedestrians picking up a few things on the way home, traffic everywhere.

And, the early evening light is splashing across everything.

Across the building facades, and the parked cars, and the store front windows – at that great, late-afternoon angle.

I’m keeping my eyes open for a shot.  Something from the world around me that draws my attention.  A detail.  A shape.  Some bit of beauty.  But, there’s so much to see that I can’t actually see anything.  It’s chaotic.  Clashing colours and competing signs.  The meat market, next to the shoe store, next to the coffee shop, next to the dollar store.  Cheek by jowl. Add to that the moving traffic, and darting cyclists and rushing pedestrians.  It’s sensory overload.  But, there’s that sun light!  Splashing.  And, in spite of the chaos, there’s something fresh and alive, and time seems to be slowing down.

At the stop light, and over to my left, I see the wedding dress.  In the storefront.  Next to the diner.  All lit up by the sun.  Now, if I were getting married, I might even think it was a sign – seeing the sun shine its spot light on that gorgeous gown as though it were the perfect dress made just for me.

But, maybe, it’s a sign about noticing, and with it a chance to marvel at the light, and the unexpected beauty of a typical street scene on a Monday night early in springtime.

Either way, it was one of those moments.  One of those wonderful moments,


This is another in the series, ‘drive-by photography’, where I snap a photograph while waiting for the light to change.