Under Construction

Okay, it’s not pretty, but it is compelling, at least, to me.

One of the city’s heritage buildings is under construction.  It’s all packaged up with plastic and scaffolding, and sheets of wood.  Not sure what’s going on underneath all of that protective cover.  Updating.  Re-construction. Preservation.  The care and nurture of a beautiful piece of the city’s history.

In the midst of the construction, this tree.  Its trunk is hidden away – and protected – but its beautiful branches are still reaching for the light, and letting its presence be known. There’s a wild energy about those branches. Defiant. Determined. Ecstatic.  Organic and real, up against the plastic and steel.

Strength.  Resiliency.  That’s what I saw when I first looked at this image.

Not true the second time.

As I sat down to write about what drew me to this photograph, I saw something else.

On second glance, I saw a tree that looked raw and exposed.  Isolated. Vulnerable.

What a completely different perspective.  An entirely different view.

What’s common between the two views?  Mmmm.

It would be me!

It would seem that it’s not so much about how the tree appears, as it is how I’m feeling in the moment.

One moment, strong and resilient.  The next, vulnerable and exposed.  That would be the story of this week.

My work place is going through the very challenging experience of deep budget cuts.  Anxiety, uncertainty, anger, sadness, true professionalism, commitment, care and consideration.  These are the many feelings that fill the place where I work.

And, for me, as we are buffeted by change, I contemplate my own future. And, consider my hopes for life and work as I enter this next chapter of life. Age and stage make me ponder what I want to do next, how I want to spend my self and my time.

Under construction.  At work and in life.  That’s how it feels.  And, as my spirit reaches for the light, I feel both strong and resilient.  Exposed and vulnerable.

Change does that.  It shakes us up, and all kinds of emotion pour out.

I like the life and vitality of that tree.  Seeking light.  Withstanding the change.  Roots deeply planted.  Determined.  Defiant.  Thriving, in the midst of…in spite of, or maybe because of….the change.

I like knowing that someone gave thought to what that tree would need to endure the construction.

And, I like knowing, that no matter what, that tree’s going to survive. It’s going to survive change.  It’s going to survive being – under construction.  It might even thrive.


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