He was my friend for nearly thirty years.

He was an artist, a journalist, a leader, a trailblazer, a believer in our ability to achieve big dreams, a champion of kids in need, a devoted and beloved husband and father.

And, we lost him this week.

Just 51 years old, he died in hospital from pneumonia – something that should never have taken him.  It happened so fast.  And, we’re all struggling to understand.

There is shock and sorrow – profound sorrow.

And, profound love and gratitude, too, from far and wide – from all those whose lives he touched.  We felt his loving kindness, his hopes for our dreams, his encouragement through hard times, his genuine heart-on-his-sleeve belief in all that each of us could be.

His life ended this week.  It has been sad beyond words.

But, I believe his light shines on.

All who were touched by him will carry it forward –  we will carry the determination we learned from him, the enthusiasm he showed us, and his belief that we all have greatness within.

Dear Rand, we love you.  Safe journey.

Dear Mare and Ella, we love you, and we are with you.