That’s what I’ve been.

Words – not so many of them.

Photographs – none that seem to get the words flowing.

But that’s not all of it.

Truth is I do have at least a couple of posts written up and saved, but they’re just not appealing to me.  I don’t like my words.  I don’t like my photographs.  So, nothing is happening.  No flow.

Clearly, some of the problem here is me!  I’m standing in the way of creative process…make that, creative progress.

So, sometimes you just have to post.

When there’s no flow, you think you can’t post.  I’m thinking the opposite is true.  If you don’t post, you can’t get the flow going.

So, here I am.  Posting.  Not because I’m in love with the writing or the photograph, but because I’ve got to prime the pump.

So, here we go..


And, hopefully, letting the light in.