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Being in the moment.

Photography helps me do that.  Helps me stay in the moment.  Present to what’s happening around me.  Where the light is, and isn’t.  And, how the scene is changing before me.  It brings me back to earth.

I’m analytical.  So, I’m in my head, a lot.  I analyze and problem-solve all day long.  How to get things done.  How to resolve an issue.  How to move forward.  Problems and projects that are complicated are just about my favourite.  I like complicated. (Most of the time!) But, solving problems is sometimes all ‘in your head’.  Researching, reflecting, developing and considering options.  It can take you out of the moment.  Photography doesn’t do that.


Something – the light, the colour, a shape – steals my attention and brings me squarely back into the moment – into my setting.  And, I begin to ‘see’ around me.

A snippet of colour drew me in for the photograph above.  That’s it.  Just a flash of colour.  I had to track it down.  Driving around the block and into a vacant lot, and then, there it was.  I had no idea what I’d find.  And, what joy when I discovered it – this old advertisement painted onto the wall.  A cigarette ad, actually.

A gorgeous piece of history.  A bit of our culture.  Tucked away out of view.  Such a wonderful discovery.

This is one of the great gifts of photography for me.  From out of my head and into my surroundings.

And, into the present tense.