These purple beauties.  These sweet pansy wonders.  They survived the winter. For a second time!  It wasn’t a harsh winter this past year.  But, last year, we actually had snow.  Doesn’t seem to matter the conditions.  These sweet little blossoms made it through.  They’re annuals, for Pete’s sake.  They’re not supposed to survive anything!  Yet, here they are.


Thriving, even.

I love these little guys.

And, I especially love them on this day, when inspired by my on-line friends Brenda and Marcie, I decided to simply show up here at Words and Photographs.  I have been unable to find words or photographs that speak to me.  Oh, well, actually, some photographs speak to me, but I would talk myself out of them.  And, words.  None.  Simply none.  Nary a word.  Nada.


But, way back last fall when I started this blog, I committed to writing two or three times a week.  In fact, I couldn’t wait to get started.  I had been itching to start a blog – for me, it was an outlet for creativity.  I wasn’t sure how to start, where to start, what shape it would take.  But, after months of learning and, yes, possibly procrastinating, I launched Words and Photographs.  I still don’t love the title.  And, I’m not entirely sure where it’s all going, but week in and week out (with the exception of some holiday time), I’ve pretty much showed up, two or three times a week, to write and share my photographs. Except for recently.  Recently, I hit the fallow time.  Perhaps the ‘winter’ of the creative cycle.  (Mmm, just beginning to see how purple pansies and my creativity might all be tying together!)  It’s not like I haven’t faced this before.  But, this time – it’s been the worst time.

And, then, today, I read my friend Brenda’s blog, and I was reminded about showing up.  And, Marcie, she show’s up every day on her amazing blog.  And, I love the work of these two artists.  Whether it’s a fallow time or not, they show up, and they create work that speaks to me, and many others.

So, I decided today to just show up and see what might happen.

And, purple-pansy-wonder happened!  Surviving the ‘winter’ happened.  Who knew a few sweet blossoms might today be my guides to surviving and thriving and getting my creative game back.

Thank you, Brenda.  Thank you, Marcie.  Thank you sweet garden guides.