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I noticed this shot a few times.

Silvery simplicity.  A fine line.  A wounded wall.

Whatever it was, I felt that internal push to pull out my camera, whenever I passed by.  But before the message could really even register, a louder voice criticized my eye.  “What was I thinking?  It’s a ‘nothing’ view.  It’s a ‘nothing’ shot.”  The inner critic spoke up fast and furiously, and shut down the creative urge to capture the shot.

It wasn’t the first time the inner critic let her (or is it his!) voice be heard.  No, I’ve heard it many, many times.  It’s just this time, I was struck by its stealth.  I could barely even voice my creative interest and the critic moved into dissuade.  I was astonished by the speed and subtlety of the critic, and its effectiveness.  It got to a point that I didn’t even realize the creative urge was present.  When I’d pass by the wall, I just knew it wasn’t a great shot.  I had accepted it.

Except.  Except.  Except…!

The creative spirit is strong, and in spite of shutting down the desire to take the shot more times than I can count, this time, I took it.  A seemingly simple act.  Yet, a radical one.  I took the shot.  And, there’s power in that.

Is it perfect?  Is it even good?  I learn it’s not the point.

The point is honouring the creative urge.

Giving it voice.  Giving it space.  And, seeing where it leads.