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Yesterday, I talked about the ‘inner critic’ and how it tries to squelch the creative spirit.  It’s often a tough fight – a slug fest even, between creativity and the critic, but the creative spirit is strong, and wants to be heard.

There’d been a bit of a slugfest going on inside of me about a shot I just wouldn’t take.  I kept getting the ‘nudge’ – that gentle internal push to pull out the camera, but the louder voice was the ‘inner critic’ questioning the shot.  Convincing me that it just wasn’t worth taking.

So, I didn’t take it.  Until one day, I did.  Not sure why.  Not sure what shifted.  But, I took the shot.

Now, I wasn’t sure if the photo was any good, but I learned ‘good’ wasn’t really the point.  The point was ‘honouring the creative urge – giving it voice, giving it space, and seeing where it leads’.

Here’s the thing – I remember how I felt when I took the shot.  It felt great!  I was excited to see how it would turn out.  And, I relaxed.  And, I think it got the creative juices going.  I took some more shots afterwards.  Shots of things I’d never noticed before.  And, I had fun.

So, where did that creative urge lead?

To seeing new things.  To more creative energy.  To more joy.

It was a doorway.  Literally and figuratively.

The literal doorway is above.  I’d passed it many times before but had never seen it.  It was the very next shot I took.

Honour the creative urge…

Lesson learned.  Door – opened.