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A ship called Whistler.

What a beauty.  Docked, at a port on Lake Ontario, just steps away from downtown Toronto. Container ships don’t usually pull into this particular port. I mean, not at this particular spot, which is so close to the road that, as I drove by, I could actually get this shot.  The prow of the ship almost touching the chain linked fence that separated public space from the industrial space where a ship can deliver its cargo.

What a discovery.  Built in 2007, to carry nearly 35,000 tons of cargo, it flies the Cyprus flag.  And, all of it, parked as though it were a row-boat pulled up to shore.

A container ship.  Imagine.  What magnificence did it contain?  Where had it come from?  How long would it stay?  What stories it could tell!  But, all of it a mystery, as the vessel sits silently at shore. A container of goods.  A container of good. A container for imagination.  A container contained, for now, on the shores of Lake Ontario.


Another in the series, ‘Drive By Photography’, where I take a photograph from my car while waiting for the light to change.