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Don’t even ask me how I spotted her!

Alone on that ledge.  Two stories up.

She was making some kind of pit stop.  Me, I was stopped at a light.

There she was, perched.  Not that she was sitting still.  Not at all.  Not for one moment.  She seemed on some kind of mission.  Checking things out. Looking up, down and all around.  Taking her time.  Wanting to get it right.

Seeking out one of her fine feathered friends?  Tracking down her mate?  Or, more likely, on this spring morning, looking for food for her young ones.

Whatever the case, she cut quite a figure, petite though it was, in the midst of all that bricks and mortar and wire and glass.  All things man-made.  Not a plant in sight.  Not a morsel of nature anywhere, but for her.

Yet, she was undaunted.  Unfazed.  Hopping along the ledge, eyes and ears alert, she was figuring out her next move.  Solving a puzzle.  Deciding what to do.

And, then, she took flight.

And, my light turned green.

Like two birds on the wire, trying to be free?  (Thank you, Mr. Leonard Cohen…)

Or, maybe, just a simple moment captured.