This mirrored office tower is ‘green’ in the old-fashioned sense.

It may be ‘green’ in the contemporary, environmental way, too.  That I do not know.

But, this old-fashioned approach to green is pretty spectacular – panes of glass reflecting the trees across the street. The, it’s-June-and-the-trees-are-fully-gorgeously-leafy-green kind of green.

How gorgeous. How wonderful.  In the midst of towering concrete and glass, there’s this much green – planted – and – reflected – on just one downtown street corner.

Someone thought of this.

Someone planned that the glass would reflect nature.  (Well, I’m going to assume it was planned!)

What a gift.  Thank you.

Hello, summer.  Hello, urban landscape of leaves.  Hello, green!


This contemplation of green is part of the series, ‘Drive By Photography’, where I take a photograph while waiting for the light to turn, yes, green!