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Well, not really.

Perfect, that is.

Look closely, and it’s out of focus.  No sharpness.  No definition.

But, it doesn’t matter.

At least, not to me.

For some reason, I still think it’s perfect.

The way the sun splashes across the lush green ivy and lays across the bench.

The coolness of the shadows.

It’s a place to rest – for the body, the soul, and the eye.

That’s why I like it, I think.

It’s the invitation of it.  The ease of it.

Gracious.  Green.  Space.

To me, at least, a picture-perfect scene, a picture-perfect moment, captured as I make the drive home following a pretty picture-perfect kind of day.

I announced my departure from work the day before. The end to a 31-year career working for a place I love – the CBC.  It’s hard to leave.  The place, the people, the work we do, the audiences we serve.  But, it’s time to go, and give wings to other parts of life.

Now, I don’t actually leave for another month.  But, the day this photograph was taken, in effect, was the first day of the rest of my life.

And, it was kind of…well, picture perfect.