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This one has been lying around for a couple of weeks. Waiting.

I wished to post it right away. But, what to say?

There’s no great story to tell about how it was captured.

And, the subject isn’t really self-evident. It’s unusual and requires explanation.

Or, does it?

Well, it’s a fragment of the beautiful entrance-way overhang to a building downtown. The overhang is made of the water-like, blue-tinged glass, with the gorgeous texture beneath it. The glass windows of the second and third floors, (and beyond) reflect the construction across the street.

I simply like it. The texture. The colour. The reflections. It’s abstract. Un-knowable. There’s no flow for the eye to follow. No natural narrative to understand or assume.

It just is. Elements. Combined. Captured.

And, for now, in this moment, that’s enough.