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It’s Saturday morning and the streets begin to fill with local vendors, setting up their stands, sharing their bounty of produce and wares.

It’s not market day – that’s Wednesday. No, today is a bit gentler, no shopping list in hand for the week’s meals. It’s about happening upon some kind of joy -made to measure. Roast chicken grilled and ready to take home for lunch; baskets and hats woven into all shapes and sizes; or this, fruit and coffee bean stand set up on a busy street corner to catch passers-by.

It’s the senses that are awakened by the presence of these vendors. Sight and smell gifted with colour and fragrance.

It’s been weeks since I was on that street corner, but I can still see (and smell!) the barbecued chicken sizzling on the grill and hear the sound of coffee beans being scooped into a bag.

The sensory pleasures of a Saturday morning walk in the village.