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There’s nothing like the Big Apple.

It’s been said and sung a million times before!

I was there for the long, Labour Day weekend, spending some quality time with my brother, and the city I just love.

Museums and art galleries. Cafe’s and cozy neighbourhood restaurants. Central Park, of course! And, the walking – for miles – taking in the architecture, the pace and the scenes of city life. (Oh, and a bit of shopping, too!)

It was a nice way to end the summer. Yes, like many, I believe summer ends when the new school year begins, And, the Labour Day weekend – it’s the bridge from one to the other.

New York City’s not a bad way to bridge. Shifting from the lazy, crazy days of summer to the more high-speed, high intensity living that comes with the change in season and all things ‘back-to-school’.

Creativity. Learning. New beginnings. Fresh Starts. The pause of summer is over. The creative juices of fall have begun to flow.

And, here, to mark the transition, a fun and creative take on NYC. It’s New York City, brown-bagged. Literally. Traditional, brown paper bags transformed into mini-sculptures of the Empire State Building, and the New York cityscape. Wonderfully imaginative.

Here’s to the new fall season..may it be full of creativity and delight, friendship and fulfilling experiences.

Happy Weekend. Happy new beginnings and fresh starts!