It was a grey afternoon.

Barely a hint of blue in the sky. But, down at the beach, the attitude was ‘Game On’!

Summer is still in the air!

With the first official day of fall a matter of days away, the die-hards were out, not clinging to summer, rather, savouring it. Making the most of every last drop of it.

Shorts and sun-tan clad volleyball players were at the nets. A hint of coconut oil in the air. A lone vendor had set up shop under a red umbrella, selling lemonade and fresh boiled corn. Two dozen sailboats were on the water. That is, two dozen within view. And, two teams in brightly colored tee-shirts were out playing capture-the-flag.

There were dog walkers and park bench talkers.

Kite fliers and picture takers.

Even a wedding party, dressed smartly in black and turquoise and white for the bride, were at the beach. They were having their portraits taken. The bride and groom – barefoot and care-free.

These are the last breaths of summer. Joyous and raucous and full. This is not a foot-dragging limp to summertime’s finish line. It’s a dance with a song and a bit of soft shoe.