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My wonderful on-line friend and photographic hero, Brenda, at How to Feather an Empty Nest, has launched a challenge.

A chance to grow.

To step outside the comfort zone.  To push the edge of ourselves.  To try something new.

Brenda is inviting us to join her for the Third Thursday Challenge to investigate…”something different – no matter how big or small. Something that makes you tingle with excitement or tremble with fear. Together, we can help each other explore new creative paths.”  Giving each of us a chance to expand our “photographic vision.

There aren’t any rules – just share with us something different from your normal way of shooting; experiment with various subjects or perspectives or points-of-view. Play with a new lens. Try out a feature on your camera that you’ve never used before. Add a texture or a border. Convert to black and white.

Or maybe write a haiku or a word poem. Tell a story. Dabble in words.

Do whatever scares you or challenges you or intrigues you. Give yourself permission to play; to try and fail; maybe even crash and burn. What have you got to lose?”

Mmmm.  Nothing to lose.  Lots to gain.

I love this idea!

And, I so completely believe that we have to try new things or risk becoming smaller in our own lives and in our art..whatever our art form may be.  But, it’s not always easy stretching outside the comfort zone.

Me, I definitely have certain preferences when it comes to taking photographs…both in terms of subject matter, and when and how I photograph.

One of the things that stands out by its absence in my photography is the ‘personal’.  My daily life is not photographed.

I am captivated by the light.  By something in the moment.  Something that catches my eye.  But the focus is the world around me, and not on my personal day-in, day-out life.

Buildings. Street scenes.  The garden.  Architecture.  Line. Colour. A moment. The light. All of it, yes.  But, generally, nothing personal.

So, here we go…

It’s kind of mundane.  But, then again, not really.  Even the mundane can be transformed into joy.

Take breakfast, on the road, with my brother.  At a wonderful neighbourhood restaurant in New York City.

Definitely not mundane.  Definitely some joy, shared.

So, here’s my stretch for the Third Thursday Challenge.

A more personal moment.  The camera turned on my life.

Breakfast with my brother in NYC.  And, as you can see, we both thoroughly enjoyed it!


Stretching with the ‘Third Thursday Challenge’ at How to Feather an Empty Nest. Thanks, Brenda!