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That’s how many blog posts in the past year.

It’s true!

It was a year ago today, September 25, 2011, that I launched this blog, ‘Words and Photographs’.  And, one hundred and twenty-three blog posts later, here we are.

Some have been good.  Some, not as good.  All of it a work in progress.  It’s what this space has been – a place to try things out, experiment, and explore.

Here’s what I said about ‘why photography’, a year ago today, as prompted by a Kat Sloma course…

“It’s a good question.

Why do I photograph?

It’s joy.  

Pure and simple.

Something catches my eye, and I want to capture it..For its beauty; its surprising nature; the way the common becomes uncommon in the moment.   Something simple can catch my breath, and I don’t want to lose that moment. So, I ‘capture’ it..to be surprise and delighted again. To be reminded of joy.

And, so, I realize that this blog has been a record of joy for the past year.

Things seen and discovered.

The light.

The line.

The colour.

The view unexpected.

The moment noticed.

It’s been a meditation on joy, through the act of paying attention and celebrating.  

So, thank you to all who have been here for the good and the, well, could have been better, and the joy!  It is truly appreciated.  Now, after a little bit of celebrating, on to the next 123!

Wishing you…joy!