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I took a week.

I left my city life and its urban landscape for a date with nature.

I love the city..I love cities!  I live in a great one, and there are many others around the world that are truly spectacular!

But, my soul needs space.  A view.  And, a big hit of nature.

So, I left my city, and drove three hours west into farm country, close to the shores of Lake Huron.

And, it was gorgeous.

The incredible landscape of farm land…waves and waves of golden corn fields finished for the season, some of them already cut to the ground.  The dark earth turned and rough, readied for the winter..and next spring.  White sheep lolling on green hillsides.  And, white, and black cows, lying down – as they like to do in the rain – dotting the green fields.  And, then, there were those trees!  Such flaming colour!  In a way, even more beautiful against the grey skies that dominated the week.

On top of all that beauty, just a short drive away was Lake Huron – its turquoise waves washing up onto satin sands, and a sunset that would knock your socks off!

The week away provided a much-needed sense of wide, open space for me – through the landscape, and on my schedule! It offered fresh air. Walks with the dog. Fresh baked bread and home-made soups.  Books.  DVD’s. Time to write in my journal. Lots of time to photograph. And, a long and lovely visit with a treasured friend.

This was a time for disconnecting from city life in order to reconnect to what my heart and soul so needed.

What a wonderful week…and, amazing how going away can actually be about finding your way home.