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I know.

It’s autumn – possibly, the most colourful time of year.

What’s with the Black and White?

It was taken just last week, when I was up in the country, around the peak of the season.

In fact, I have an image that was taken through another window at the same place – you can see just how much colour there was!

But, it was time to play.  To try.  To test.

To step onto new ground.

And, so, this. Black and white. Of two evergreen trees standing stately outside a window. Protectors from the wind and rain.  Looking like shadows..like whispers of themselves. To me. they look like brothers, the younger one pressed to the window, looking in to see what he’s missing.

And, on the inside, all we can really see are just a bit of the folds in the long, fabric curtains, and the edge of the window sill.  There’s mystery in this image.  A story waiting to be told.

I like what I was able to create using black and white.

And, I love the joy that comes with trying something new.  Of seeing the world with different eyes.   Of stretching and learning.

You know, the delight of looking in the window of someplace new and getting a peak at the beauty within!


Joining Brenda’s wonderful Third Thursday Challenge, where we’re invited to try something new, to expand our photographic vision.  Thanks, Brenda!