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Checking in with Brenda today, over at How to Feather an Empty Nest. Brenda’s challenge to us is to push ourselves out of our photographic comfort zone, and into new territory.

So, here I am.  Right smack in the middle of new territory – both literally and figuratively!

The image above was taken when I was on a road trip into a part of the province I don’t know very well.  This was taken near Paisley, Ontario, a place I’d never been.

It was a very rainy day.     Very.  Rainy.  Day.

But, it didn’t matter.

I was so excited about seeing this gorgeous countryside, about having a new subject to explore with my camera, about being in the midst of wide open spaces – truly a treat for this urban dweller.  So, what rain?  I didn’t really notice any rain!

Except that it was hard to miss.   And, made it challenging to take photos.  It was too wet to photograph outdoors.  So, I sat in the car – windshield wipers whirring, amber lights blinking, side window wide open – and I shot away.  At this amazing green field.  Truth be told.  The green field is greener in real life.  But, I decided in post-processing to drain the image of some of its colour which more truly reflected the feel of the day.

I really like this image.  I liked the actual physical challenge of trying to capture it. And, I liked pushing it further in post processing.

So, out of my comfort zone?  Pretty much!

Worth it?  Absolutely!


Thank you, Brenda, for your Third Thursday Challenge.