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Winter's Graceful Branch



It’s here.  Already.

The end of 2012 is within reach.  Just 31 days.

31 days…

To notice the shortening days,

And, cozy into the darkness.

To celebrate the holiday season,

And, savour time spent with family and friends.

To take stock of 2012,

And, dream of 2013.

31 days.

31 days filled with….working and shopping and wrapping and running and rushing and feasting and laughing…giving and sharing and remembering and honouring….celebrating and singing and baking and praying and lighting the candles day by day.

31 days.

It can be 31 days of stress and difficult emotions, too.  Expectations and financial strain and worries about the future.  It can be a lot to navigate – the joy, and the not-so-joy-filled moments of the season.

So, what will you do, how will you approach 31 days of December?

Me, I’m going to take time each day to pause and reflect and savour the moment.  And, I’m going to do it through my photography.

I’m joining my wonderful friend – and spectacular photographer, Brenda, over at How to Feather an Empty Nest, and will mark each day with a photograph…31 days of images, counting down to the New Year.

We’ll see how it goes.  Not sure I can deliver.  But, I like the idea of trying. The idea, really, of savouring our moments…one moment at a time.

So..happy First of December!

Wishing you 31 days of moments when you can pause – pause, savour and reflect.

And, wishing you 31 days of joy and all the light of the season!