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COMMUNION is the name of a wonderful and inviting restaurant in Old Montreal.

I’m just back from a two-day visit to Old Montreal – visiting friends, sharing amazing meals, and enjoying the beauty of the city. There was a little Christmas shopping, too!

communion (with a small ‘c’) is also ‘an act or instance of sharing’, according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. The word dates back to the 14th century; Middle English, from the Latin communio – mutual participation.

The word seems so right to me.

It was the purpose of my trip to Montreal – to share time, good food and good conversation with old friends.

It describes the experience here, of sharing 31 days of counting down to the new year. I’m sharing it with my friend Brenda over at How to Feather an Empty Nest, who is the creator and inspiration behind the countdown. And, I’m sharing it with you – the welcome and treasured guest here at Words and Photographs.

And, it speaks to this time of year…sharing the spirit of the season – the joy and the light, the giving and the receiving – with those we know, our family and friends, and with those who may be strangers – the shop clerk, a new neighbour, someone, homeless and on the street. Sharing kindnesses and joy, good fortune and good will.

Communion. The act of sharing.

It was a sign I came across quite by accident in Old Montreal. It was not a planned destination, nor a restaurant I’d heard of. But as I wandered the cobblestone streets of the old city, it was a sign I decided I couldn’t ignore!

Countdown 2012, Day 2.