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Sending love


I posted this image last month, after Hurricane Sandy.

I live in Toronto.  And, while there was some damage done, and the power went down for many, many thousands of people in Southern Ontario, relatively speaking, Hurricane Sandy’s impact here was fairly minor.

Not so, south of the border.  As we know, it was far, far, far worse.

Some places, even now – more than a month later, are still in recovery mode. Some suffered losses that have changed lives forever.

It was a devastating experience for so many.

And, it required great courage and revealed extraordinary kindnesses.

The image above was taken in my back garden the day after the storm.  The planter had blown right across my tiny garden; the flowers were bent and bedraggled, and covered in rain.  But, there was yet some beauty in them.

In the moment, the photograph seemed a fitting choice to write a post about the storm to all those affected. It was a very simple post. It was really a prayer, for all those who were suffering because of the storm. With this photograph, I wanted to express my sorrow for what they were experiencing, and my hope for better times ahead.

Photography as prayer.  Photography as presence to others.  Photography as hope.

That’s why, of all my images from last month, I choose this one to share with Kat’s Photo-Heart Connection

Photography as prayer.



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