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Perfect Imperfections


Let me start by saying this is a red table and a green lamp.

It’s not easy to tell, I know.

I remember taking this photograph, some months ago now, while visiting my brother in NYC.

I was struck by the rich colour of the table, the contrast of the red and the green, the simplicity of the round lamp-stand against the square of the table top.

And, I was struck by the markings – the dark scarring in the table, and the golden rub of the lamp stand.

Yes! The markings added to the objects, and were part of what drew me to them. They didn’t take away from the objects – they only added to them.

Perfect Imperfections.

And, that’s why I decided to go with this photo today, because of the imperfections.

I must have looked at, at least, 20 photographs – probably more – trying to find one that would be perfect for today.

And, each one I looked at – well, all I could see were the imperfections.  I rejected each one for some imperfection or another. Nothing was good enough today.


And, I had to take a moment to figure out what was going on.

I realized that ‘Perfection’ and I needed to have a chat.

And, I needed to invite my friend, ‘Acceptance’, to the conversation.

I had to remind myself that sometimes it’s the imperfections that make the piece.  Sometimes, it’s the imperfections that attracted us in the first place. And, sometimes, we need to accept the imperfections…embrace them, even. See the beauty in them.

True for photography.

True for ourselves.

True for me.

So, I’m pleased to introduce you to ‘Red Table, Green Lamp’.   Not a perfect photograph.  But, I must say, I do love it.


This is part of the series, Countdown 2012.  A series created and inspired by Brenda at How to Feather an Empty Nest.  Drop by her website when you have a moment.  You will find incredible beauty.

Today is Day 5 in the Countdown to the New Year.