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It’s January 3, 2013, already!

Three days into the New Year!

And, the blank page and I have been having a bit of a stare-down with each other. What to say to mark the start of the New Year? What image to post?
Feeling a bit daunted by the task, time has been slipping by.

Well, enough of that!

Time to show up and hope for the best! Hope that words will come. Or, that the image will speak. Or, that I will let go of judgement for a moment, and let the work – its strength and its weakness, and my experience and inexperience – speak. Take the risk of being seen – just where I am.

And, that is where I begin, on this day, in this new year. Stepping out to be seen. Taking the risk. Living with the ‘not knowing’ as much as I’d like. And not ‘being as good at photography’ as I wish I were. Letting go of all that, and just beginning.

And, in the midst of beginnings, I am sending the warmest of wishes to all for an amazing 2013 – full of joy, peace, good health and prosperity. Oh, and a big dose of creativity, too! All the very best!


This image was taken yesterday, in Toronto, on the shores of Lake Ontario.