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Winter's palette


What is it that grips me about this place by the lake?

I visit this beach on the shores of Lake Ontario, right on the edge of the city of Toronto, almost daily.  If not with the dog – he’s most often my excuse, then just by myself.  I’m there to take in the big spacious sky, the long open beach, the contrasts of the white snow and, often, grey skies – although sometimes they’re bright blue.

Something about this space, this place, speaks to me.

I need wide open spaces.  I think it’s from living a jam-packed life.  Filled with lots of things – lots of good things, but lots of demands, too.  Meetings, and appointments, and obligations, and chores.  Wall to wall, sometimes, with things that take more out of us than give back.

And, now, in the early, early stages of retirement, (I must say, I still don’t like that word!), I don’t have that same jam-packed schedule.  And, I’m not chasing after one, either.  Instead, I am craving space – wide open space around me, in the landscape, and on my calendar.

It fills me up, this empty space.  This incredible, beautiful, and, at times, haunting, place fills me with joy, and beauty and a feeling, sometimes, of the divine.


Here are some of the other photos I’ve taken in this place these past few weeks.