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Down at the Boardwalk


Who could resist this shot?  The lines, the texture, and that reflection. The slender tree trunks at the top of the photo are completed by the reflection of their tree tops at the bottom of it.  A slice of boardwalk and beach between the two.

Not a bad shot, really, but it didn’t come easily. I drove to a new part of the beach to find it, that was the easy part.  I sat in the car for quite a while before convincing myself to get out there and see what I might..see.

It started with a desire to photograph new things, to discover and explore. But, desire is a funny thing.  The experience of wanting something is a joy all its own.  The realizing of the desire – it’s a whole other thing.  It means facing the unknown and the new – not always a comfortable thing.  And, it means discovering, surprisingly, that, in the moment of going for your dream – even this small one of photographing something new, there’s a longing for the old and familiar.  I was thinking, maybe I should go back to my usual spot – that other place by the lake and all its beautiful vistas.  What was I missing today, by choosing to be somewhere else?  What subtle changes in colour, what undiscovered perspectives?  But, I shook off the doubt and the longing for the familiar, and did what seems so simple..and really is.  I got out of the car, and ventured down a new path.

Chasing dreams, even the small ones, is not a straight line of dream, decide, do. There’s often a lot of ground to cover – bridges to cross, named fear, doubt and longing, before one can get there.