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Blue Skies and Wide Open Spaces


I have fallen in love with big skies.  Big skies, and wide open spaces.

To some, vast and open space seems empty.  And, some find it lonely.  Not me.

Maybe it’s because I’ve recently left a long-time career, and a work-life jam-packed with things to do.  Or, maybe, it’s because I live in a big city, jam-packed with all things urban – like crowded subways and sidewalks, rush hour traffic and sirens at all hours. Whatever it is, these days, I crave big skies and wide open spaces.

Empty and lonely, they are not.  Open space allows for intuition and desire to arise. For that still, small voice, that inner wisdom and guide, to be heard.  It allows for creativity and ideas and dreams to emerge. Wide open space, for me, creates room for things to surface that the clutter and clatter of day-to-day life have crowded out, or drowned out.

And, I’m having to learn to listen in new ways, tuning in to gentle messages about how to live my life in this new chapter.  Listening and looking for the subtle and not so subtle clues about what I want to do, how I want to spend myself.  Even seemingly small things are shifting.  I didn’t enjoy cooking much.  No time, really, to sink into it..to learn, and experiment, and relish the choosing of recipes, and ingredients, and the savouring of the outcome (or not, as the case may be!)  There was more rush than relish before.  Now, there’s space, and time, and a desire surfacing to make room for and enjoy really good, home-cooked, hand-picked food.

And, it’s not a small thing, food.  I know. It’s a big deal.  But, I really didn’t have the inclination before to dig into it.  Now, I do.  And, so, it seems, in some cases, things that were smaller and less important to me before are becoming big, and taking centre stage.  Or, at least, taking up more space!

It’s interesting, and fun, and, at times, even surprising to see what wants more space, and what’s taking up less.  The cooking thing is taking up a lot of room. Music, dance, (that would be, by others), photography and writing, and spending time in the country (more of me in these) are asking for space.  Oh, and there’s a big desire for lots of white space in the calendar, to allow for the unexpected, and make way for the new, whatever that might be.

Big sky living, taking the space, making the space, to let creativity flow in whatever form it takes – cooking, writing, photography.  Living.  Creative living.  That’s Big Sky living..at least, to me.

So, big skies and wide open spaces it is.  Discovering and cherishing space in the exterior world, and creating and cherishing space in the interior world, in my soul, in order to live life to the full – creatively, intuitively, with appreciation, with attention, and lots of love

Big Sky living.

I have fallen in love with it.


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