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The third Thursday of every month, Brenda of the wonderful How to Feather an Empty Nest extends an invitation to the on-line photography community to push ourselves out of our comfort zones.  To try something new.  Break out. And, expand!

I love this!

Except this month. This month, I have been struggling.

This month, I can’t find my comfort zone.  It’s gone missing.  Everything – EVERYTHING – is feeling uncomfortable.  And, I don’t know why.  I mean, I have been taking photographs for a while now, and I’ve learned a few things along the way. But, I’m in that place where nothing seems good, or good enough.  Everything feels like a learning curve!

Now, this is familiar territory.  (One might even say it’s a comfort zone!)  I have definitely hit this spot before – it’s part of the cycle of growth and creativity for me.  This I have learned.

The bottom line for today is, if I could describe my comfort zone, I would then be able to choose the image that stretches me outside of it.  Not going to happen.

But, I’m not letting that stop me from jumping into the pool!

And, so, uncomfortably, I move forward, and present, ‘The Bathing Station, in Winter.’ Does it get more uncomfortable than that? 🙂  I think not.

The Bathing Station


The Bathing Station is a wonderful building at Woodbine Beach in Toronto, on the shores of Lake Ontario and this beach is tremendously popular.  Swimming, sailing, kite flying, rollerblading and cycling along the paths at the edge of the beach.  And, count them, 90 beach volleyball courts!  Truly a hot spot for the city.


Woodbine Bathing Station in Winter


Now, if I was to try to describe why this image is outside my comfort zone, I would say that taking a shot of a single subject as the key focus of an image is not my usual practice. Rather, I (seem to) usually take photos of scenes – scenery or street scenes. (I’m not certain of this, but it’s my sense, and I’m going to run with it, for today.)

Thanks, Brenda, for creating this challenge.  Not always comfortable, but always rewarding, always refreshing…like a cold dip on a hot day!