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It was a day filled with snow…gorgeous, softly falling, continuously falling, never-stopping-for-hours-in-fact-it’s-still-falling-now kind of snow.

It was no easy day.

Stories and images of cars stuck, commuters stranded, snow banks piling up.

But, there are also incredible stories.

Here’s one –  Fran Lebowitz is performing tonight at one of Toronto’s concert halls.  She left NYC, by car, at 5:00am this morning, to make her appearance.  The show must go on!

And, there are un-named heroes who have been driving snow ploughs and salt trucks, clearing streets for hours…Doing what they do, and doing it so well!

And, stories of kindnesses – teenagers shovelling the driveways for those who can’t, appointments and meetings graciously postponed, check-in’s on those who are ‘shut-in’ by the snow.

And, then, there’s the joy – kids tobogganing, hot chocolate after school, working from home for some!

It was a full day, not an easy day.  But, a day full of beauty – full of grace – too.